Have You Been Misclassified As An Employee?

The manner in which a worker is classified can have a significant impact on his or her level of income, access to benefits and other important issues. Whether a person is classified as exempt (salaried) or nonexempt (hourly) can dictate that person's access to overtime pay. Whether a person is classified as an employee or an independent contractor can determine his or her eligibility for health insurance, paid time off and other benefits.

Employers sometimes attempt to maintain classifications that serve their own interests, despite the law. They take advantage of workers' lack of knowledge about the law and the challenges of a competitive job market, classifying workers as contractors or "exempt" as a cost-saving measure. These actions are a violation of California and federal laws, and workers have the right to seek restitution for the work they have done.

Protecting The Interests Of Misclassified California Workers

Employers wield a considerable amount of power over their employees and contractors, and many workers will not take action to protect themselves. At the law firm of Baker Curtis & Schwartz, P.C. we offer our clients more than 30 years of combined experience in the practice of employment law. We have a strong track record representing contractors and employees in misclassification claims.

If you feel that the work you are doing or the responsibility you have been given is not in line with your classification or status, our lawyers are prepared to help you. We have successfully represented workers in claims for unpaid overtime, back pay, benefits and other considerations based on an unintentional or deliberate misclassification.

Discuss Your Misclassification Concerns With An Attorney

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