Uber Employment and Business Practices Investigation

While the Holder Report confirms systemic issues with Uber's employment and business practices, it also confirms that Uber is unwilling to make many of the important changes that would actually empower employees. It thus falls to others to hold Uber and those who control the company to account.

In light of these facts, the law firm of Baker Curtis & Schwartz is investigating Uber's workplace and business practices.

This investigation is especially necessary in light of the conclusions of certain Uber executives and directors - if not Holder himself -- that sexism and/or harassment is not a problem for Uber.

The public record is to the contrary:

A broad investigation - by attorneys not paid by Uber - is also important in light of the large number of reports concerning Uber's disturbing business and employment practices, including Jeff Jones' apparent experiences, reports about Greyball, the alleged theft of Google's trade secrets, and the tracking of drivers through Hell.

We seek information on the following subjects:

1. Whether Uber has destroyed evidence of its misconduct, including evidence related to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, pursuant to Uber's "document retention" (i.e., destruction) policies.

2. Whether Uber misleads job applicants in the recruiting process by telling them their equity compensation is worth more than it actually is, only to reveal the truth after the applicants have accepted their job offers and started work.

3. Whether Uber uploads monitoring software on its employees' personal computers, whether Uber ever removes this software (even after the employee quits), how often and for what purposes Uber accesses its employees' personal computers (if ever), and whether Uber conceals it monitoring software practices from employees through misleading hiring packets.

4. Whether Uber retaliates against current and former employees who report illegal or unethical conduct, including discrimination and harassment.

5. Whether Uber engages in discriminatory or retaliatory severance pay practices by paying individuals accused of misconduct upon leaving the company far more than the victims of misconduct, in a manner similar to Fox News.

If you have information concerning the above subjects, please contact us by calling 415.433.1064 or completing the on-line form at the bottom of this webpage.