California Health Care Retaliation Attorneys

California Health and Safety Code § 1278.5 and the Business & Professions Code, as well as other state and federal laws, protect all health care workers – including doctors - who speak up when they are aware of practices or actions that jeopardize the well-being of patients. If you experience any type of retaliation at the hands of your peers, superiors, hospital administration or a peer review committee after reporting a potential issue, you should seek the advice of a qualified employment law attorney immediately.

Baker Curtis & Schwartz, P.C. has a vast level of experience resolving retaliation claims involving medical professionals. We understand the duty that medical professionals have to their patients, and we are diligent in our pursuit of justice for those who are punished for attempting to improve patient care.

Fighting All Types Of Retaliation Against Health Care Workers

Retaliation can come in many different forms. While termination is often the first thing to come to mind, demotion, harassment, reduction of hours, negative peer reviews, being passed over for promotion, being disciplined for a commonly accepted practice, and the establishment of closed shop contracts can all constitute retaliation under California law.

We work closely with all of our clients to gain a complete understanding of the retaliatory actions they have experienced and the events that preceded them. We will present the strongest possible case in support of your position and pursue the maximum level of damages available for your claim.

Discuss Your Health Care Retaliation Issues With A Lawyer

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