Employment Law Counsel For Employers

In addition to our extensive employment law practice, as also provide representation for employers of all sizes. As a law firm that only focuses on employment law, we have a vast and well-rounded knowledge of all types of employment law issues. This includes the various and complex issues that an employer may face.

As an employer, whether you are a family business or the CEO of a large corporation, the bottom line of your business is what often matters most. Employee issues, contract litigation and other employment law disputes can put a halt to this. That is why it is so imperative that employers seek counsel by a seasoned law firm.

Over Three Decades of Combined Experience

The partners at Baker Curtis & Schwartz, P.C., have well more than 30 years of combined experience representing and advising companies in employment and labor matters. Their company clients have ranged from startups, to family-owned businesses, to Fortune 50 companies. Our lawyers provide comprehensive employment law counsel for employers throughout California. Based in San Francisco, we provide state-wide legal representation. We handle employment law cases at both the state and federal level.

There are many types of issues an employer can face in the employment law world. Here are just some of the many areas we handle:

  • Discrimination claims by employees
  • Sexual harassment and harassment cases
  • Parental leave and other paid/unpaid leave matters
  • Wage, salary and commission issues
  • Employment contracts, trade secrets, confidentiality and severance agreements

Again, our representation is comprehensive. For more information about our employment law representation for employers at Baker Curtis & Schwartz, P.C., we invite you to contact us online. We provide free initial consultations. You can also call our attorneys toll free at 800-219-1920.