CBRE/Chase Class Action

This case alleges that CBRE and J.P. Morgan Chase misclassified their facility managers as exempt from overtime and other protections under California and federal law. Facility managers at these companies don't supervise anyone and perform their work under tight controls from above. They are assigned so many locations that travelling to them for required inspections and to facilitate repairs often fills a full-time week. The never-ending paperwork related to the repairs and maintenance means they work overtime, which CBRE and Chase refuse to pay. And on top of that, these companies take advantage of not paying facility managers overtime by using them as the repositories for an array of requests from throughout the organization.

While "sending the facility manager," may be the most profitable solution for these businesses, employees should not be exploited in this way. We filed this lawsuit to put an end to these illegal and harmful practices.

A copy of the Complaint in this case is here.

If you have information concerning this case, or if you work or worked as a facility manager at CBRE or J.P. Morgan Chase, please contact us at 415-433-1064. You can also complete the on-line form on this webpage.